Former US President Donald Trump has warned the world against a new war in the midst of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. There is a prospect of more attacks on Taiwan, according to Trump.

“He explained “The following country will be Taiwan. Take a look at Taiwan, where President Xi Jinping is gleefully watching.” He made the comments during a Fox Business appearance on Wednesday.

Donald Trump also made a snide remark about US Vice President Joe Biden. “Because… the United States is acting like a fool,” Trump continues, he sees the prospect of another attack on Taiwan.

“They realise our leaders are incompetent, and of course, they will do it; this is their moment,” he added.

China is keeping a careful eye on the Russia-Ukraine war, according to Donald Trump. He went on to say that Chinese President Xi Jinping had learned a lot from the US’s withdrawal from Afghanistan when the Taliban seized power last year.

“President G is a gifted man who watched what occurred in Afghanistan… he saw how we left Afghanistan… leaving American citizens behind who are still attempting to flee.” When he realised this, he did what he needed to do. “This is his opportunity to do whatever he wants,” Donald Trump stated.

Russia launched a full-scale military operation in Ukraine on February 24. The question then arose of whether Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would have an impact on China’s plan to annex Crimea Taiwan.

On the other hand, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen strongly criticised the strike, saying it violated Ukraine’s sovereignty and jeopardised regional and global peace and stability.

Tsai went on to say that the situation in Ukraine is vastly different from what exists in Taiwan. Taiwan is geostrategically significant and prepared to respond to any situation.

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