Kharagpur station

Railway station, Kharagpur terrible accident happened train tickets. Today an incident in Kharagpur is a shining example.

Suddenly the ticket examiner’s head tore the electricity cable! The railway worker was immediately electrocuted and fell from the platform to the railway line.

It is known that the ticket examiner has been admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The incident happened in Kharagpur. One of the junction stations of Eastern Railway. A lot of goods and people gather at this station. Along with this, many long distance trains run through this station regularly.

This time, a ticket checker was electrocuted at that railway station. After being electrocuted, the ticket examiner was lying on the railway track for a long time. No first aid was given. Railway passengers are panicked in the incident

The incident started at quarter past 1. Platform number 4 of Kharagpur station is empty on a winter afternoon. The railway ticket examiner, Sujan Kumar Singh Sardar, was standing on that platform and was busy talking to a colleague when the electric wire suddenly hit his head and he was electrocuted and fell from the platform to the ground.

On the other hand, another colleague somehow escapes the danger. After some time passed, Sujan Kumar was finally rescued from the railway line and sent to the hospital.
If the electric carrier had been torn on the heads of its passengers during the busy time, then many passengers would have suffered serious accidents.

After lying on the railway line for quite some time, the picture of the safety system of the railway is coming to the fore. There were no trains on the line when the accident occurred. If there were, more serious incidents could have occurred up to loss of life.

Eyewitnesses said so. As soon as the video of the incident went viral, many questioned the Kharagpur Railway security system.

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