Underpass Collapse, Periya city

Underpass collapse: During circuit construction, a construction worker was injured in an underpass collapse accident; The underpass is believed to have collapsed due to weakening of the bridge pillars and the investigation has started

Kasargod: An underpass collapse accident occurred during concreting of the underpass constructed in and around the National Highway. The under-construction bridge collapsed near Peria town. This accident happened around 3 am.

One worker was seriously injured in the accident. Five other construction workers sustained minor injuries. Construction work was going on here even at night.

The upper portion of the sidewalk collapsed immediately after the concrete was placed. The pavement collapsed because the concrete stress pillars were not strong enough to take the load.

Megha Construction Company is engaged in the construction of the bridge. The authorities have started an investigation in this regard. The flyover is being constructed here as part of the Periya city under the Passage.

One Nation, One Police Uniform: In the chintan shivir called by Home Minister Amit Saher, Modi’s reference to the interest of national unity is claimed.

There was no clear answer from the authorities about the cause of the accident. Most of the construction workers are workers from other states. No clear information is available about the injured workers. The company has also sought an explanation from the authorities.


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