New turn in the incident of fire at Baktui in Rampurhat. An aluminum rod and an oil barrel were recovered from the scene on Wednesday morning. Doubts have been raised as to whether there was petrol in that barrel. However, police sources said that it will be investigated. Blood samples were also found from a part of the house. But sources said the victims were beaten before being set on fire with petrol. Aluminum sticks were used in that.

As the day progressed, several measures were taken at the administrative level in view of this incident. The intelligence officer of Rampurhat was suspended. District Superintendent of Police Nagendranath Tiwari suspended. According to police sources, he was suspended for not having prior knowledge of the incident. Besides, 12 civic policemen were suspended. It is also known that Uttam Karmakar, a detective from suspended Rampurhat. He was a detective in Rampurhat zone.

There are already a lot of police in the village. Occasionally a police super is coming to the village. Some locals came and took away all the furniture in the house this afternoon. The police superintendent himself was present in the village at that time, according to sources. 3 women left the village with furniture in front of the police super. But the locals claim that the police did not stop them.

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