BREAKING: Killed 23 in Russian Attack and Convoy in Ukraine Govt

Russian Attack on convoy

At least 23 people were killed and dozens injured in a Russian missile strike in the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, a Ukrainian official said.
city ​​dweller

A Russian official blamed Ukrainian forces for the deadly attack.

Zaporizhia regional governor Alexander Starukh disclosed the incident in an online statement on Friday. At least 28 people were injured when Russian forces were advancing towards Russian-held territory when an attack targeted a humanitarian convoy, he said.

He posted pictures of dead bodies and burnt cars and on the streets.

“So far we know of 23 dead and 28 injured. All the victims of this incident are civilians, local people. Burn the damned Russians in hell,” by Alexander Starukh on Telegram.

Starukh said the injured were all in the convoy on their way to pick up their relatives. Their plan was to take them to safety in Russian-held territory. He said rescuers are at the scene of the attack.

The internationally criticized referendum is being viewed as part of an invasion of Ukraine. Later Moscow is preparing to annex the four regions to Russia. These areas include areas near Zaporizhzhya, the city is held by Ukraine.

Source: News Agency

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