Bhaiya is back supreme court

“Ask your bhaiya to be careful this week,” an enraged Supreme Court told the defence counsel in a rape case on Monday, as it decided to consider a victim’s plea for the accused’s bail to be revoked after its attention was drawn to a hoarding proclaiming “bhaiya is back” that had been erected to commemorate his release.

The counsel for the child told a bench led by Chief Justice N V Ramana that banners proclaiming “bhaiya is back” (older brother is back) had been erected in the local neighbourhood to commemorate the Madhya Pradesh High Court’s award of bail to the accused.

“What are you celebrating now that you’ve been released on bail?” According to this, there was a hoarding that said “bhaiya is back’. What is this hoarding all about,’ the bench, also comprising justices Krishna Murari and Hima Kohli, said.

“What is this ‘bhaiya back’ on the hoarding? ‘On what occasion did you place the hoarding,’ it inquired once more.

The hoarding was most likely placed up after the accused was given bail, according to the defence attorney.

“‘Ask your bhaiya to be cautious this week,’ the bench answered, deferring the woman’s bail cancellation request until April 18.

According to the FIR, the accused had sexual relations with the girl, a major, on several times over a three-year period after falsely pledging to marry her. In September of last year, he was arrested.

The accused was not obliged to be held in custody for the duration of the trial, according to the top court.

The defendant had argued in court that he was innocent.high court that he had a consensual relationship.

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