Viswanathan Anand

If incumbent Arkady Dvorkovich is re-elected as president of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) during the 44th Chess Olympiad here in July-August this year, Indian chess legend Viswanathan Anand will become the vice president.

After Dvorkovich’s presidential team was announced, Anand tweeted.
‘Dear Colleagues and Chess Friends,’ Dvorkovich stated upon making the announcement about his squad. I am pleased to introduce my team before of the FIDE Presidential elections: Arkady Dvorkovich, President; Viswanathan Anand, Deputy President; Zhu Chen, Treasurer; Joran Aulin-Jansson, Vice President; Mahir Mammedov, Vice President.’ Last month, during a press conference in New Delhi, Anand stated that he would be actively supporting Dvorkovich’s re-election bid. He also stated that he would be collaborating with Dvorkovich’s staff.

Anand, who has decided to coach the Indian teams rather than himself in the upcoming Olympiad in his home city, will compete in the Grand Chess Tour event in Warsaw from May 17 to 24.

In addition to the chess Olympiad, the 94th FIDE Congress and FIDE elections will be held in Chennai.

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