photograph was allegedly taken at a police station in Madhya Pradesh. And others who were forced to stand naked in this manner were protesting the arrest of one

Madhya Pradesh: For the past few days, an unsettling image has been circulating on social media. Some individuals, who are not dressed, are standing inside the police station.

Have they been penalised for any crime? Why were you kept half-naked?

The true facts emerge as a result of the search for answers to all of these inquiries. The photograph was allegedly taken at a police station in Madhya Pradesh. And others who were forced to stand naked in this manner were protesting the arrest of one.

A journalist is among the eight persons observed standing. The Madhya Pradesh police are concerned about the situation. An investigation at the highest level has been launched.

This is known as the April 2 photograph. The Madhya Pradesh police department launched an investigation into the event on Thursday.

The event occurred at the Kotwali police station in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district. It has been revealed that only one police officer photographed the eight people. Mukesh Srivastava, the Sidhi District Superintendent of Police, stated that SDPO Gayatri Tiwari would examine the matter.

The police superintendent further stated that all police personnel or officers who are discovered to be involved will face suitable punishment. “Such tactics are never acceptable, regardless of the offence,” he stated.

The situation began with the MLA’s accusation.

Kedarnath Shukla, a BJP MLA, has launched a defamation suit against a man named Neeraj Kundar. The MLA claimed that he and his son were being commented on using obscene language by opening a fake Facebook account.

On the basis of that claim, police detained Neeraj Kundar. Several aspects of the law were used to charge him. Following that, several people, including Neeraj’s family members, protested at the police station. They were promptly taken to the police station by the officers. And he was instructed to remove his garments.

The police also forced the journalist to go half-naked.

A journalist was among those forced to stand half-naked in this manner. Kanishka Tiwari, a YouTube journalist, was one of the eight. He claimed that his photojournalist had been wrongfully arrested. He said that police had advised him to file a report against the BJP MLA. Kanishka Tiwari stated that the cops detained them for 16 hours.

They were picked up at 8 p.m. on April 2 and released the following evening, April 3.

The journalist went on to say that a police officer at the station snapped a photo of them. They had been informed that if the story got out, the entire city would be stripped naked.

This episode has heightened unease among the state’s ruling faction. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, has stated that harsh action will be taken against the police officials involved in the incident.

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