School Service Commission (SSC WB office) Recruitment Corruption CBI Explosive Claim Fraud and corruption CBI presented the report of corruption in SSC with a total of 8 thousand 163 OMR sheets.

This corruption has been done sitting in the SSC office. The incident took place on the third floor of SSC.

Explosive CBI report on SSC comes out. The SSC office became a ‘den’ of recruitment corruption! SSC office is the main central place for manipulation of OMR sheets. A total of 23 lakh OMRs are selected in SSC offices. In the final phase, out of these 23 lakhs, 8 thousand 163 OMR sheets were found to be rigged, the CBI told the court.

In the last round of SSC recruitment, 23,449 candidates have been recruited. Out of this 8 thousand 163 OMR sheets were rigged. There are total four recruitment processes i.e. Group-C, Group-D, 9th-10th and 11th-12th.

According to the information received from NISA, the answer paper evaluation agency of Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, this corruption incident has come to light. Three hard disk fairs in Ghaziabad exposed the curtain of education corruption. . CBI claims, OMR evaluation agency scans all OMRs and gives them to SSC. The real game starts only after taking the SSC marks obtained by job aspirants. All the misdeeds are solved sitting on the third floor of SSC. There the SSC officials changed the marks at will. Out of 23 lakhs changed, 8 thousand 163 OMR sheets were rigged, CBI claimed.


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