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Arijit Singh, the name says it all. For the past decade, his songs have captivatedKo audiences around the country. A melody in a boy’s voice with a simple serene eye that no one can help but appreciate. In her Birthplace Ziaganj Arijit Singh shown with her children

Reality programmes in several languages, including Bengali and Hindi, provide a unique platform for displaying talent. In a similar show, Arijit also gave a name. However, the lad from Ziaganj was unable to claim the title of best of service. He achieved this position by putting forth a lot of effort. Arijit, who has worked his way up from the bottom, understands the significance of popularity.

He is not like the other five ostensibly famous people of his generation. The star,’ who has rarely experienced fame, is likewise ‘afraid’ to go public. Because if people notice it, they will run away. That is a major shame! But Arijit Singh, whose song magic has swept across the country, is unconcerned about his fame. Or is it legal for anyone to ride a scooter in public?

One of these videos quickly became viral on social media. Arijit was riding a scooter through Ziaganj’s streets. He didn’t have the popularity badge. When admirers approached him and requested him to take a picture, he came over and said he would. Just don’t make a scene.

Another post has just gone viral on the internet, indicating that Arijit is a genuine individual. The singer’s current residence is in Mumbai. But he didn’t forget about Ziaganj. Leaving the comforts of Mumbai, he enrolled his kid Jule in a school in Ziaganj.

Arijit had lately gone to deliver the youngster to school on his own, according to the post. When you see the man standing in a regular T-shirt and slacks, it’s difficult to imagine he’s a famous singer.

Arijit stood outside the school gate with his kid and other children as the gate closed. The photos have gone popular on social media. Arijit has often demonstrated that, despite his popularity, he is capable of succeeding stay among the people.

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