Gyanvapi Masjid Case

Gyanvapi Masjid case live update: A district court in Varanasi has not accepted carbon dating and scientific investigation of the ‘Shivalinga’ at the mosque complex, rejecting Hindu claims, reports said.

Court dismisses scientific inquiry into ‘Shivalinga’.

‘Shivalinga’ found in Gnanabapi Masjid

The Hindu side claimed that during the videography survey of the mosque premises, a ‘Shivalinga’ was found in the ‘wajukhana’ which was ordered by the court. However, the Muslim side argues that the structure is a ‘fountain’. The Hindu side then submitted a petition on September 22 seeking carbon dating of the object they claim is a ‘Shivalinga’.

Carbon dating is the scientific process used to determine the age of an archaeological object or archaeological find.

The Hindu side demanded a scientific investigation

Earlier on September 29, the Hindu side demanded a scientific investigation of the ‘Shivalinga’ and carbon dating of the ‘Argha’ and its adjoining areas by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). Akhlaq Ahmed, representing the Muslim side, felt that the plea of ​​the Hindu side was not maintainable as it was against the Supreme Court order. The structure it is said to protect (which the Muslim side claims is a fountain and the Hindu side claims it is a Shivlinga).

‘Carbon dating on Hindu side is not maintainable’, argues Muslim advocate

On the Hindu side’s plea seeking carbon dating of the structure claimed by its predecessor as ‘Shivalinga’, Muslim counsel Akhlaq Ahmed said the Hindu side’s plea was not maintainable as it was not in favor of the order. The “structure” that the apex court purports to protect.

Ahmed told ANI, “We have received a request for carbon dating. Stones do not have the capacity to absorb carbon. The Supreme Court, in its order on May 17, said that the object found by the commission must be protected. The SC order was that the object cannot be opened.. .We will take action based on the court order on October 14.” Varanasi

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