Nupur Sharma Remarke on Prophet

“This woman is responsible for what is happening in the country,” Supreme Court judges quoted suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma as saying.

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today blamed suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma for spreading tension over her remarks about the Prophet Muhammad, saying she “should apologize to the whole country”.

The judges said, “The way she has kindled a fire of emotion all over the country. This woman alone is responsible for all that has happened in the country.”

Nupur Sharma‘s offensive remarks in a TV debate earlier this month sparked strong protests in India and several Gulf countries slammed Indian diplomats.

We have seen the debate over how he was persuaded. But the way he said all this and later said that he was a lawyer is very embarrassing. He should apologize to the whole country, ”commented Justice Surya Kant.

The court has been asked to transfer multiple FIRs filed across the country against Nupur Sharma over threats. However, he withdrew the petition.

His lawyer said he did not mention his name in the application because of the threat. “He has been threatened or he has become a threat to safety,” the judges said in a sarcastic tone.

The court rejected Nupur Sharma’s arguments on “equal treatment” and “no discrimination”.

But when you file an FIR against others, they will be arrested immediately but no one will dare to touch you when it is against you, ”the judges said.

His remarks showed “arrogant and conceited character,” the Supreme Court said.

If he is the spokesperson of any party. Does he think that he can make a statement without respect for the law of the land?

His lawyer replied that he only answered one of the anchor’s questions in a TV debate.

Then there should have been a case against the host, ”the court said.

When the lawyer spoke about the right of citizens to speak, the judges replied harshly: “In a democracy, everyone has the right to speak. In a democracy, we have the right to grow grass and eat donkeys.”

Nupur Sharma’s argument on the issue of order to protect the freedom of journalism was not accepted.

“He cannot be treated like a journalist. When he goes into TV debates and makes indecent remarks and makes irresponsible remarks without thinking about its impact and consequences on the structure of society,” the Supreme Court said.

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