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According to Reuters, Twitter has accepted Elon Musk’s cash offer of 43 billion dollars.

In the end, Elon Musk’sP suggestion will be accepted by Twitter. The social media platform could be sold for $54.2 per share to US millionaires. According to Reuters, sources said. Twitter has agreed to the 43 billion cash offer, according to the news agency.

Will Mask’s proposal be accepted at all by Twitter? According to the news agency, Twitter has accepted Musk’s offer. It is also known that Mask will pay the entire purchase price in cash. Mask and Twitter have yet to respond to the situation. They can announce it on the night of April 25 or the morning of April 26 if everything goes well.

Musk has stated that if his idea was rejected, he would be compelled to decide whether or not to continue working with Tesla. Musk states that when he joined Twitter as a partner, he expected it to become the world’s primary platform for free speech. However, it is only after investing that he understands that this is now not achievable for Twitter. As a result, his ambition is to turn it into a privately held firm.

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