Primary Teacher Recruitment

The CBI is currently looking into allegations of corruption in the recruitment of primary school teachers. By creating a CBI seat, the judge directed the investigation. In this regard, the lawyer of the plaintiff Firdaus Shamim said that the observation of the court and also in the case of Sardar-Nardar, we do not think that proper investigation has been done or no result has been obtained. This seat was created with the intention of conducting research.

Seat members cannot be transferred until the investigation is completed. The seat will not investigate any other case except recruitment-corruption. CBI’s seat in the investigation led by the joint director of the Kolkata branch of the ACB. I hope the CBI will take significant steps. ”

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“I hope the CBI will take major efforts,” he added. I don’t want this to end up like Sardar’s probe. What will the CBI do, I still have my reservations! “It is my goal that individuals who were denied jobs because of corruption receive jobs,” Firdaus Shamim, a plaintiffs’ lawyer, said. This seat was created in anticipation of the investigation’s conclusion.

The Calcutta High Court, on the other hand, authorised upper primary job seekers to demonstrate in front of the Matangini Hazra statue. The sit-in was allowed to continue indefinitely by Justice Shampa Sarkar. Kolkata is being changed from a city of victory to a city of demonstration, according to the judge. Hundreds of job seekers in the higher primary grades filed a lawsuit in the High Court, requesting permission to work. This is the order of the judge in that case.

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