Today will be a watershed moment for Indian Railways. Two trains will collide at full speed in Secunderabad. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav will go on one of the trains, while the Chairman of the Railway Board and other top officials would travel on the other.New Railway technology kavache to be implemented today

This experiment will put the indigenous railway technology known as ‘Kavach’ to the test. Kavach is a system that prevents two trains from colliding. It is the world’s cheapest system. The railways strive to attain a goal of zero accidents. This is why it was created, as well as to prevent inadvertent injury. The train will stop on the spot if the digital system detects a red signal or any other fault or human error. When this system is in place, it will cost Rs 50 lakh per km. It costs around Rs 2 crore worldwide.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav will be in Secunderabad for a test of the system on the Santnagar-Shankarpalli section, according to PTI.

According to a railway source, “On March 4, the Railway Minister and the CRB (Chairman of the Railway Board) will participate in a test. In three examples, we’ll demonstrate how the system works.” A train sends a danger signal when it passes a signal where it is not allowed to go.

If the loco pilot fails to stop the train, the ‘Kavach’ technology automatically applies the brakes, and the train survives any disaster.

According to the official, the technique is based on high-frequency radio transmissions. It’s also compatible with SIL-4 (System Integrity Level-4), which is a security standard the highest level of safety technology, a senior railway official said. This ‘Kavach’ system was announced in this year’s budget.

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