Alorani Sarkar

In the 2021 polls, Alorani Sarkar was the Trinamool candidate in Bangaon South. However, he is not an Indian citizen (Alorani Bangladesh). The Calcutta High Court chastised him for rejecting a case he had brought. According to High Court authorities, the process of filing a letter to the Election Commission on Alorani’s removal from India has already begun.

Alorani had filed a High Court petition against the produce of Bangaon South. Swapan Majumder, a BJP MLA from Bangaon South, was originally charged in the case. Justice Vivek Chowdhury (Alorani Bangladesh) dismissed Alorani’s petition.

Jagriti Mishra, a Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench lawyer, filed the case on behalf of Swapan Majumdar of the BJP. He informed the court that Alorani is a Bangladeshi citizen. The Trinamool Congress was strongly condemned by the court, which stated that a Bangladeshi could never be nominated for a political party in India as a responsible party. Alorani is known to have married in Bangladesh. Her husband is also a resident of that nation.

Thus, Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently chastised the Trinamool and Mamata Banerjee governments over Bangladeshi infiltration. This time, the ruling party was accused of nominating a Bangladeshi in the assembly vote.

The Trinamool got in difficulty in the 2019 elections because it fielded two Bangladeshi actors. Nur Abdun Ghazi and Firdaus from the Rani Rasmoni series ran for Trinamool. Nur was then forced to leave Calcutta. The Union Foreign Ministry blacklisted Firdaus’ passport.

The BJP got in hot water again that year after hoisting the flag in the hands of Bangladeshi actress Anju Ghosh. Dilip Ghosh held the lotus flag in the hands of Jotsna, Veda’s daughter, in the BJP party office. Jyotsna Kand was on par with Alorani.

However, in the case of Alorani, the High Court heard scathing comments. Let’s check which way the water goes now.

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