In recent years, outbreaks appear to have gotten worse. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman, claimed it was too late when questioned about Corona’s fate at the Geneva headquarters. “We’re halfway between the beginning and the conclusion,” he explained.

Over the course of a month, the infection was considerably decreased. However, the infection has risen significantly in the last week. Around the world, the number of victims has risen. South Korea and China have not made much progress. But why has there been such a sharp increase? A number of issues have been investigated by the World Health Organization. Take, for example, the Omicron subspecies. Israel is the only place where this subspecies has been discovered.

According to Hu, the infection could rise again later this year. It is true that increased vaccination can help to prevent this parasitic virus. Corona sample testing has decreased in a number of countries as well. The World Health Organization’s director-general stated that all countries should be wary about the virus.

The lower a country’s vaccination rate, the greater the likelihood of the virus spreading. Corona deaths have increased by 25% and 26% in China and South Korea, respectively. Infections and fatalities have increased by 12 to 14 percent in Africa. According to recent statistics, around 6% of the world’s population, or more than 11 million people, are newly infected. The coronavirus is re-emerging due to a variety of factors, including the lifting of the mask restriction and failure to follow social distance rules.

In numerous Southeast Asian and European countries, the transition graph is quite positive. China has been obliged to impose curfews in a number of provinces. In Hong Kong and South Korea, infection is on the rise.

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