Ankita Adhikari

Ankita is eligible for the interview list for the position of associate professor at the college regardless if she attends classes! Massive upheaval

He was fired from his school employment due to a court ruling. Meanwhile, Ankita is entitled to the news once more. This time, a social media post about the appointment of an Assistant Professor of College Service Commission is going viral.

Is she going to teach in college even if she lost her job as a school teacher? On social media, a viral image has already generated a stir. Ankita Adhikari’s name appears as number 8 on the College Service Commission’s interview list. He is being interviewed for a position in political science.

The interview is already planned. Ankita Adhikari, roll number 20103310, was called for an interview. The question of whether Ankita Adhikari is the daughter of state education minister Paresh Adhikari remains unanswered. He didn’t even open his mouth. On April 26, he was summoned in for an interview.

Ankita was hired without an interview. Despite having a lesser score than the job seeker, the position was handed to the minister’s daughter by unfairly joining the merit list. The job was then discontinued due to a court ruling. This time, seeing Ankita Adhikari’s name on the College Service Commission’s interview list made quite a commotion on social media.

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