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New Delhi: Xi Jinping has been elected as the most influential national leader in China’s parliament for the third time in a row.His return to power is the most influential national leader since founder Mao Zedong.

He also served as general secretary of the ruling Communist Party, and after decades of power-sharing among his elite, the new policy moved China back toward one-man rule.

The announcement that Xi would be elected to a third term as China’s president was confirmed at a week-long rally of the party faithful in the Chinese capital. High-ranking officials present supported his “original position” in leadership and a sweeping reshuffle. According to a report of the news agency AFP.

Iraqi lawmakers elect former minister Kurdish politician Abdul Latif Rashid as country’s next President.

A new central committee was formed of 200-member senior party officials, who are expected to play a role in electing a standing committee on Sunday – now headed by Xi, the pinnacle of Chinese politics.

A list of new Central Committee officials revealed that four of the seven members of the Standing Committee will be reassigned, allowing Xi to further pack the top body with loyalists.

Xi was born in Beijing in 1953, the son of revolutionary veteran Xi Zhongjun, a former vice premier and member of the founding fathers of the Communist Party. Considered a ‘princeling’ the son of elite senior officials – his father was imprisoned in 1962.

After several failed attempts, Xi finally entered the Communist Party in 1974 and gradually rose to the top. He officiated at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Introduces China to rising power. Xi moved up the party ranks to move into the Politburo Standing Committee, the top decision-making body, and was elected as China’s president in 2012.


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