Exposing the plot to assassinate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming to have obtained 20 kilogrammes of RDX

Highlights the foiled 20 kilogramme RADX plan to murder Prime Minister Narendra Modi What was the source of the investigation?

Is there a plot afoot to assassinate the president?

assassination attempt on Prime Minister Narendra Modi? In fact, the NIA’s Mumbai branch has received a mail with information about PM Narendra Modi’s assassination.

According to the message, the plot to kill PM with 20 kg RDX is actually a plot to kill PM using a sleeper cell.

More information on the source of the e-mail sent in connection with the conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Modi is being gathered by security officials.

The assassination plan against Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been revealed. According to reports, anti-national forces were amassing massive amounts of RDX. About 20 kg of RDX is being investigated by security officials.

Terrorist organisations, according to intelligence agencies, have developed 20 sleeper cells to carry out their malicious plans.

NIA Mumbai has received mail.

According to the mail, it has made contact with terrorists. In the correspondence, it is also suggested that RDX can be easily procured and that 20 kg of RDX can be provided.

Explain that the mail was sent to the National Institute of Arts and Sciences (NIA).

After that, information was sent to the appropriate institutions in Mumbai. According to the mail, 20 million people had been slain.

The agencies are now looking into how true this mail is and where it came from.

After receiving such information, agencies claim there would be no negligence. Will investigate the situation further.

In February, an IED was discovered in Delhi’s Seemapuri neighbourhood.

Surprising facts emerged around February 19 in the case of an IED being obtained from a residence in Seemapuri, Delhi. The explosive discovered in Ghazipur Phool Mandi in January, according to forensic findings, is similar to the one used in the Kullu blast.

The texture of the magnet attached to the IED is the same in both circumstances. Similar IEDs were discovered in Kashmir and Punjab in December, according to the investigating agencies.


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