West Bengal Sitrang Updates, cyclone Sitrang

Kolkata Weather Update: According to the Metrological office report West Bengal Sitrang update, a cyclone is present in the Andaman Sea at the moment. The cyclone was previously located in the South China Sea.

Kolkata: Cyclone Sitrang is approaching due to rain in South Bengal. Earlier, on the night of Bisarjan, there was a terrible accident in the Harpa bus at Malbazar. Meteorological office predicts rain and storm on Kali Puja this time. However, it is not clear where and how much rain will occur.

According to the Meteorological Office report, a cyclone is currently present in the Andaman Sea. The cyclone was previously located in the South-China Sea. Yesterday it was in South Andaman Sea but on Tuesday it changed position and is in North Andaman Sea. In the next 48 hours, it will convert into low pressure.

Then on Friday, it could strengthen again and become a pronounced depression. It will then develop into a deep depression on Saturday. After the 20th, the depression will intensify into a cyclonic storm.
The cyclone is now gradually moving along Bangladesh. Cyclone Sitrang will hit on Tuesday.

According to the weather office, the name of the cyclone has been given as Sitrang. Sitrang is named from Myanmar. It is initially known that a cyclone will form in Andhra Lagoa region. Then what will be the direction of the cyclone or where it will make landfall is yet to be confirmed. But by no means a super cyclone.

Monsoon has already departed in North Bengal. Alipur Meteorological Department has informed about the possibility of Monsoon departing from entire Bengal in the next two days. However, despite the end of the monsoon, the residents of West Bengal are still not free from the grip of the cyclone.

Sea weather will continue to change from next Friday, now let’s see how much rain can affect the Bengali joy of Kali Puja.

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