Howrah Prophet Row

Unrest is spreading in Bengal as a result of Nabi’s words and a train blockage in Howrah is currently in effect.

Nupur Sharma’s prophetic statements have sparked a firestorm of criticism. Since yesterday, there has been a blockade-protest in this state. Protests are currently taking place in several parts of Howrah.

The railway blockade, on the other hand, began at Changail station at 1 p.m. today. The train service between Howrah and Kharagpur has been suspended. As a result, daily commuters are in excruciating pain.

The roadblock lasted almost six hours. Five local trains have already been cancelled as a result. In addition, the Uluberia Mansatla BJP’s rural office was vandalised and set on fire, according to reports.

There have been reports that BJP employees’ homes have been destroyed and plundered on occasion. Blockades were set up in a number of locations, including Dhulagar and Domjur.

When the police tried to stop them, bricks were thrown at them, according to reports. Experts believe that the situation is growing increasingly problematic as a result of the Prophet’s words, as the blockage and protests in Bengal have begun. All eyes are now on the administration’s response to the problem.

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