Violent protests against the Agnipath Scheme are ‘inappropriate,’ Sadhguru.


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, spiritual leader of the Isha Foundation, said on Saturday that violent protests against the agneepath Scheme were ‘inappropriate.’

“I haven’t gone at the (agneepath) policy specifically,” he told reporters, “but whatever the rules are, the violence you see is absolutely wrong.”

“We cannot burn our country down.” ?No matter how much disagreement I have, I cannot continue to burn my country,? the spiritual leader stated. Army recruits went on a rampage in some regions of the country to protest the agneepath’ scheme, which gives four years of short-term duty to young recruits as young as 17 and a half years old. These new recruits will be known as ‘Agniveer.’

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They can be offered continued duty in the Army or a stipend of around Rs 11.5 lakh at the end of their tenure. According to the Centre, these Agniveers will be given preference in Central Armed Police Forces.

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