BREAKING: Woman Killed Amonia Gas Leak Uttar pradesh Aligarh, 65 people are sick

Amonia Gas Leak uttarpradesh Aligarh

Aligarh/Uttar Pradesh: Ammonia gas leak Ammonia gas leaked from a meat factory in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. As a result, one woman has been killed so far and around 65 people are sick.

The incident took place at Al-Du’a meat factory. The factory is owned by Haji Zaheer. All the injured were rushed to JN Medical College, the cause of gas leakage is under observation.

“After the gas leak, the factory has been evacuated immediately and the situation is normal for now but there may still be effects of gas in the vicinity.

Treatment of the victims has started,” a police spokesperson said.

Immediately after the incident, the laborers started breathing and were taken to the medical college. But they are safe now.

“Ammonia gas leak occurred in a meat factory in Rorawar area, where mostly women were in charge of packaging work. About 50 people have been admitted to the medical college due to breathing problems. Doctors have confirmed that all are stable,” news agency ANI Aligarh quoted DM.

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