BREAKING NEWS : Police banned drones, paragliders all flying objects one month due to apprehension Mumbai terror attacks

Mumbai Police, terror Attack, Drone

The Mumbai police fear that the terror attack in Mumbai may return again. The post Mumbai Police Bans Drones, Paragliders and All Flying Objects for 1 Month

Police in Mumbai have banned the flying of drones, remote-controlled micro light aircraft, paragliders, and even any private helicopters or hot air balloons from November 13 to December 12. The move was made by the Mumbai administration to prevent terrorist activities, an official said on Thursday. The order issued on Monday said that the police will continue to monitor the skies of the city. No operation of private aircraft shall be permitted within the limits of the Brihanmumbai Police Commissionerate without specific permission in writing from the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Operations).

Any such use of flying objects will be dealt with under Section 144 of the City Police Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC). Violation of this by any person shall be an offense punishable under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (disobedience of orders lawfully promulgated by Government servants).

Police fear that “terrorists, anti-national elements are likely to use flying objects such as drones, remote-controlled micro light aircraft, paragliders in their attacks and aim to attack VVIPs. Endangering public life, destroying public property and causing law and order in the city.” It is said “.

It is necessary to impose a ban on the activities of such elements under the Brihanmumbai Police Commissionerate so that these flying objects are eliminated. All these preventive and proactive measures have been taken to prevent any possible sabotage, the order said.

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