HC On SSC Recruitment Case: Marathon interrogation till midnight CBI's 'devastated' former SSC official says," Nothing can be said

Following a directive from Calcutta High Court Judge Abhijit Ganguly, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has interviewed a former SSC adviser. The Calcutta High Court ordered him to be questioned by midnight on Thursday. On Thursday evening, investigators proceeded to the home of Shanti Prasad Sinha, a former SSC adviser. After failing to locate him, the CBI returned to speak with his relatives. He then returned with his lawyer to the Nizam’s Palace for another night. The questioning lasted until 2.25 p.m. Today, the case will be heard in the High Court once more. Nizam’s departure from the palace elicited no response from the former SSC officer. “Nothing can be said,” he simply stated. “Get out of here,” says the narrator.

In the SSC-recruitment matter, High Court Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay has ordered a CBI investigation. Not only the CBI investigation, but also his key remarks during the case hearing, ‘Enough is enough!’ ‘I’ll check who’s tangled up.’ The division bench, however, imposed a stay order in the case. In the end, he sought the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice’s assistance.

The High Court has once again taken strong action in the recruitment corruption case. Justice Gangopadhyay has ordered a CBI investigation into the SSC Group D matter. There have previously been allegations regarding the appointment of 96 members to Group D. Ninety of them had no names on the panel. Six people’s names were written in the back of the book row.

The appointment was not approved by the school service commission, according to a report. The Board of Secondary Education, on the other hand, stated that the appointment letter was sent after the commission’s recommendation. SSC advisor Shanti Prasad Sinha will be interrogated by the CBI, according to Justice Abhijit Ganguly.

Justice Gangopadhyay issued the same order again on Thursday. According to the plaintiff’s attorney. “The procedure is outlined in the School Service Commission Act. This type of appointment, which has no legal standing, has been accompanied with a forged appointment letter.

This isn’t the first time Justice Gangopadhyay has ordered a CBI investigation into the case. However, the division bench has consistently ignored such instruction. Justice Gangopadhyay requested the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice of the High Court’s involvement on Wednesday. “Whose benefit is the division bench tying the hands of the single bench?” he stated in the administrative decree. Allow the country to observe and assess what is going on with illicit job creation. “Enaf is Enaf!” he exclaimed during the hearing on Thursday. “I’m going to see who’s tying my hand.” After that, the CBI grilled the former SSC officer until midnight.


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