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Former Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf revealed that the PCB brought sportsmen and their wives to India for a cricket series in December and January during Pakistan’s last international cricket trip to India in 2012.

To avoid causing a stir in the Indian media, which is usually on the lookout for such things, this decision was made. The spouses were supposed to keep an eye on the players ” Ashraf told Cricket Pakistan.

“Everyone took it in stride and proceeded to Every time a Pakistani team came to India, their country tried to trap us and destroy the reputation of our players and country. As a result, that was prevented.”

Pakistan won the ODIs in Chennai and Kolkata despite a 1-1 tie in the Any hope of a bilateral series between the two countries has been thwarted on both sides of the border. Pakistan won both ODIs in Chennai and Kolkata, despite a 1-1 tie in the T20I series. The BCCI had pledged to play a return series in which India would visit Pakistan, but it never happened, according to Ashraf a fruition.

“We should constantly try to mend fences with the Indian government in terms of cricket,” he says. According to Ashraf, the most significant advantage we currently have is that General Bajwa is in control, and he wants Pakistan cricket to thrive.
“When we arrived, I spoke with BCCI chairman Narayanaswami Srinivasan, who was in charge at the time.” “Indian participation on Pakistani land will be authorised if perfect security is given,” he said.

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