West Bengal ration card Cancellation

Food Minister Rathin Ghosh announced the big news about the ration card Cancellation in the midst of the anti-ruler conflict in the Legislative Assembly session before Puja. The minister said that the state government has canceled more than 62 lakh ration cards.

Food Minister Rathin Ghosh announced the big news in the middle of the assembly session before Puja. The minister informed that the state government has canceled more than 62 lakh ration cards. The state government had informed last June that more than 68 lakh ration cards of the state had been canceled by the central government.

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In response to questions regarding fake ration cards in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday, Food Minister Rathin Ghosh gave the statistics that more than 62 lakh 24 thousand non-existent, dead and fake ration cards have been blocked. The state has also said that the process of cancellation of ration cards will continue. Last August, the Food Minister announced the deactivation of digital ration cards of deceased persons under the Khadysathathi scheme.

Earlier in June, the Ministry of Food Distribution issued a notification on the cancellation of ration cards across the country. In that list, 68 lakh 62 thousand 371 ration cards of West Bengal are supposed to be cancelled. Several instructions have also been issued by the Center to the states regarding these canceled ration cards. The state food department said that the work will start as per the instructions.

Through the connection of Aadhaar with ration card, as soon as the work of verifying ration card through Aadhaar started, lakhs of digital ration cards were found to be fake in different states like West Bengal. Multiple ration cards with the same Aadhaar number have been seen. Somewhere more than one card was found in the name of one person of the same family. Many ration card holder beneficiary deaths are kept secret from the administration. As a result, ration was being collected in the name of dead people. All those ration cards have been cancelled.

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