Shigella Bacteria food poisoning kerala

New Delhi: On Sunday, at least 58 people were ill and a young child died as a result of food poisoning after eating shawarma from a restaurant in the Kasaragod area.

According to media sources, Kasaragod District Medical Officer Dr. A V Ramdas said on Tuesday that the food illness was caused by the bacterium Shigella. The presence of Shigella was identified when blood and stool samples from food poisoning cases were analysed at the Kozhikode Medical College Hospital, according to the official.

Devananda was the name of the girl who died after receiving the bacteria-caused sickness (16).

According to the District Medical Officer (DMO), unsanitary, undercooked, or polluted food and drink can be a source of Shigella, which can lead to a highly contagious intestinal ailment

According to A.T. Manoj, Deputy District Medical Officer, a report in The Hindu said there is nothing to worry about, but “considering an outbreak of the bacteria, as many people have been admitted to the hospital with the symptoms after consuming the food and water from the eatery, the hospitals have been informed to closely monitor such cases that have symptoms of vomiting, fever, and diarrhoea, the hospitals have been informed to closely monitor such cases that have symptoms of vomiting, fever, and diarrhoea.”

According to the health official, the district administration and health officials are working to raise awareness among the general public and dhaba owners about how the disease spreads, how to avoid becoming sick, and what actions can be taken to manage it.

He stated that health officials were inspecting several eateries and businesses. Aside from that, the local water supply is being looked into.

According to him, bacteria spreads primarily through contaminated food and water, and hygiene is a key aspect in controlling it. Furthermore, proper cooking eliminates germs.

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