The government approved a proposal on Wednesday to direct the allocation of airwaves to corporations, clearing the path for them to construct private 5G networks.

The Cabinet authorised the Department of Telecommunications’ plan to hold an auction in which spectrum will be assigned to bidders for the provision of 5G services to the public and businesses.

According to the official statement, the government will sell off a total of 72097.85 MHz spectrum with a 20-year validity period by the end of July.

The administration also stated that the 5G spectrum auction would take place by the end of July. The three major carriers in the country, Vodafone Idea, Bharti Airtel, and Reliance Industries’ Jio, are anticipated to participate.

ten times quicker

The government claims that the 5G services that will be available soon will be 10 times quicker than the existing 4G offerings.

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“Spectrum is a critical component of the entire 5G ecosystem.” “Future 5G services will have the power to develop new-age enterprises, make more money for organisations, and provide jobs as a result of the deployment of creative use-cases and technology,” according to the official statement.

“Telecom service providers are expected to employ the Mid and High band spectrum to offer 5G technology-based services capable of providing 10 times the speed and capacity of current 4G services.” The note continued.

The bidders will have the option to surrender the spectrum after 10 years with no further commitments for balance instalments.

“According to the statement, “sufficient backhaul spectrum is also necessary to support the rollout of 5G services.” “To address backhaul demand, the Cabinet has decided to provisionally grant Telecom Service Providers two carriers of 250 MHz each in E-band.”


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