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A major fire broke out on Saturday (May 28) at a superyacht docked in a Devon harbour in the United Kingdom. The luxurious yacht is said to have 8,000 litres of petrol on board.

Video Courtesy: BBC

Emergency services are now responding to a yacht fire in Torquay, according to Devon & Cornwall Police. “Due to the smoke and fumes,” the tweet said, “we are urging people to avoid the area and close doors/windows.”

Images and videos of a massive plume of thick black smoke rising into the sky have been widely distributed on social media platforms.

According to local media sources, firefighters are tackling a huge fire aboard an 85-foot superyacht valued at $7.5 million (£6.5 million).

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed in a statement that no one had been wounded.

It was stated, “Police were summoned to Princess Pier in Torquay at 12:10 p.m. today after reports of a fire on a yacht docked in the marina. The boat was well alight and had broken free from its mooring. The fire department has finally secured it near the dock.”

Locals reported hearing explosions shortly after the fire started. According to a witness, who spoke to Devon Live, “It drifted into the pier when the ropes burned through. Trolleys and pumps were pushed along pontoons by firefighters, but the water did not reach them.”

“Some people are stuck on the other end of the pier and are unable to return. Along the pier, firemen are running. There are still massive flames “Added the witness.

According to Metro UK, the boat resembles a Princess Rendezvous yacht. According to claims in the media, the pricey yacht was built in Plymouth in 2010.

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