One Nation One Police Uniform

One nation, One police uniform: The police uniform of all the states of the country is one! Modi claimed at the think tank (chintan shivir)today that he raised the issue of ‘one uniform’ for the sake of national unity.

Narendra Modi: Prime Minister claims that unless all states jointly complete the investigation, solving the crime is impossible

New Delhi: The prime minister also emphasized on national unity while addressing the think tank to control the law and order situation in the country.
He claimed that the responsibility of maintaining law and order is the responsibility of every state, and should also think about the unity and solidarity of the country. Modi gave a virtual speech at the chintan shivir on Friday. Modi specially mentioned the issue of national unity to all the home ministers of the country.

And there, Modi opined for one country, one uniform. According to him, the police should wear the same uniform in all the states of the country.

Modi said, one state can learn from another state. There is no difficulty in learning from the work of others for the sake of the country. This is the duty towards the citizens of the country. The prime minister said that there is a need for discussion among all the states on the issue of one country, one uniform.

A crime is not limited to a state, organized crime can be interstate or international. Hence understanding between state police and central agencies is unlikely. According to him, cooperative behavior among all states will be helpful in the investigation.
According to a statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, discussion on the security of the country is the main theme of the two-day chintan shivir .Modernization of the police force, technology-based justice system to control cyber crime, of course border security was a prominent issue in this camp, along with issues like coastal security, women’s protection, drug trafficking.

Chief Ministers of 8 states and Home Ministers of 16 states were present in this chintan shivir under the leadership of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Amit Shah addressed the camp on Thursday.
He mentioned that the initiative of the camp is to discuss the common problems of all the states of the country together.

He has also been heard to say that the nature of crime is changing, as a result of which there should be a change in the investigation as well.

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