Star serie s bank notes

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on July 27 clarified that a bank notes with an asterisk (*) symbol or star series , like any other legal tender banknote, the asterisk symbol is added to the number panel, between the prefix and the serial number.

The star symbol helps identify the banknote whether it is a replaced or reprinted banknote, RBI said. The top bank of the country has clarified the discussion going on in social media about the validity of the star symbolized notes.

A banknote includes a star symbol in its number panel to indicate that it has been used as a replacement for a defectively printed banknote. A packet consisting of 100 pieces of serially numbered currency notes, the central bank said in a press conference today.

As per RBI FAQ till August 2006, the new notes issued were serially numbered. Each of these notes contained a combination of numbers and letters.
which would have a unique serial number appended with prefixes.

These are issued in bank note packets of 100 pieces.

100 pieces of serially numbered banknotes to replace defectively printed notes in a packet. Hence the Bank Star series numbering system has been adopted.

Star series are the same as the other notes but an extra letter, star, is added to the number panel between the prefix and the serial number.

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