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Pakistan’s Punjab province interim government has given a 24-hour ultimatum(Imran Khan’s Party )to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to surrender a group of “30-40 terrorists” allegedly hiding in former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence in Lahore. The government claims to possess credible intelligence reports and has urged PTI to cooperate, warning that legal action will be taken if the terrorists are not handed over promptly.

The Intelligence Report and Geo-Fencing:

Caretaker Information Minister Aamir Mir revealed alarming intelligence reports during a press conference in Lahore. The government has received information confirming the presence of the alleged terrorists within Zaman Park, which has been verified through geo-fencing technology. The interim government perceives PTI’s behavior as that of a non-state actor and accuses their party leader of consistently targeting the military for the past year.

May 9 Protests and the Attack on Military Installations:

Mir disclosed that the violent protests on May 9 were orchestrated according to a premeditated plan by PTI’s leadership. The interim government has adopted a “zero tolerance policy” towards such acts and granted Punjab Police a freehand to address the arsonists responsible for attacks on military installations. Despite their attempts to avoid bloodshed, the interim chief minister had prohibited the police from using weapons during the attack on Jinnah House.

Trial in Military Courts and Arrests:

To ensure swift justice, the government has decided to try those responsible for attacking military installations in military courts. The paramilitary troops, acting on the directives of the National Accountability Bureau, arrested Imran Khan in Islamabad on May 9. The arrest triggered clashes between Khan’s supporters and security forces, resulting in eight fatalities. Several of Khan’s close aides and political associates were also apprehended in the aftermath of the incident.


Pakistan’s Punjab interim government has demanded the surrender of alleged terrorists harbored at Imran Khan’s Zaman Park residence. With credible intelligence reports and evidence from geo-fencing technology, the government aims to enforce its “zero tolerance policy” against such acts. The decision to try the attackers in military courts underscores the severity of the situation. As the deadline approaches, the nation waits to see if PTI complies with the ultimatum or faces legal consequences.

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