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On April 29, the account of one of India’s largest news organisations ANI Twitter Account Suspend, in an unexpected action. The social media platform reportedly stated that the account was less than 13 years old and had “violated Twitter rules.” This action has shocked ANI’s 7.6 million followers, especially since the news agency was certified as a legitimate institution on Twitter with a golden tick verification mark.

Smita Prakash, ANI’s Editor, came to Twitter to voice her dismay, claiming that the news agency had been shut out by Twitter, leaving many followers anxious about the abrupt suspension. The account was not only stopped, but ANI’s blue tick verification symbol was also removed, and the page now reads “Account suspended.”

In response, ANI has decided to continue sharing news updates from its other verified handles, including @ani_digital and @AHindinews. ANI’s other handle, ani_digital, is still active and will be used to provide news updates to its followers until Twitter restores the main ANI handle.

ANI is one of India’s largest news agencies and has been in operation for many years. This sudden suspension has left many followers questioning Twitter’s policies and has sparked concerns about the social media platform’s ability to regulate its users effectively.

As of now, Twitter has not provided any further details regarding the suspension of ANI’s account, but it is expected that the news agency will receive clarification soon. This episode serves as a reminder of the necessity of following social media site regulations in order to avoid account suspension and other fines.

Finally, ANI’s Twitter account suspension has raised many questions about Twitter’s moderation policies, shocking many followers. The ANI crew is still providing news updates through their other verified handles, and we can only hope that Twitter returns the main ANI handle soon.

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