BREAKING NEWS : Delhi Police seek response from Rahul Gandhi over his remarks on sexual assault

Delhi police in Rahul Gandhi's house

The Delhi Police, including Special CP Sagar Preet Hooda and Delhi DCP, visited Rahul Gandhi’s residence seeking his response to a notice sent to him over his remarks on sexual assault during a Srinagar speech. The police had sent a questionnaire to Gandhi earlier, seeking details about women who approached him regarding sexual harassment, taking cognisance of social media posts.

Gandhi had reportedly stated during the Bharat Jodo Yatra in Kashmir in January that he had met several women during the Yatra who told him that they had been raped. The police were trying to get details from him to ensure justice for the victims.

According to Hooda, it was important for them to know whether any woman from Delhi had approached Gandhi with such complaints, as it was a serious matter and there might be a possibility of the involvement of minors. The police had visited Gandhi’s residence earlier on March 15 but were not able to meet him. They had then given a notice to him that they would come back on another day.

Gandhi made the police wait for hours on their second visit to his residence, as he did not immediately meet them to receive the notice. Sources said that the police team had waited for three hours on their first visit, but Gandhi did not meet them. He personally received the notice after one-and-a-half hours on their second visit.

The incident has sparked a political controversy, with the Congress party accusing the government of using the police to harass Gandhi. The party has claimed that the government is trying to silence Gandhi, who has been critical of the government’s policies and handling of various issues, including the farmers’ protest.

The police have stated that they are only trying to ensure justice for the victims of sexual assault, and that they are following due process of law. The matter is likely to continue to be a subject of political debate and media attention in the coming days.

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