Tory conflict radical immigration

“Senior Conservative warns a group of right-wing Tory MPs. Rumors about the group’s approach to religious affairs. “Gifts due to Labor” at the ballot box to assess Rishi Sunak

The New Conservatives opposed government policy and proposed immigration but were rejected by Prime Minister Sean Conch and senior Tory members.

Deputy Chairman Lee Anderson and twenty-five MPs pressed for immigration policy. Foreign social workers and foreign students were high on their agenda.

The New Conservatives are calling on Mr Sunak and his Home Secretary Suella Braverman to cut net migration by two thirds. Talks of bringing that number down from 606,000 to 226,000
There was an immediate backlash from Tory moderates. “Populist and isolationist,” Tobias Ellwood described. Life for the Tories to keep their seats in 2024 has become more difficult.
According to one senior Tory MP “The last thing the Conservative Party needs is a new sub-group of bigots sucking up airtime. This sideshow is dangerous, it will do no good except to protect their colleagues’ seats.”

The former minister quipped “the issue is increasing the Labor Party’s seats”.
Mr Anderson is skeptical of the New Conservatives’ 12 immigration proposals, despite supporting them.

Vice-chairman of the right-wing organisation, Danny Kruger, questioned the controversial deputy Tory chairman as a “supporter” and “part of the group.

Labour’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper scoffed that Mr Anderson was now on a “completely different Conservative immigration policy” to Ms Braverman’s plan.

Ms Cooper told the Commons that backbenchers “didn’t think he was writing immigration policy. He works.

The New Conservatives say “quick action” is needed on migration numbers – a claim by the New Conservative Party.
Such schemes they requested Mr. Sunak to stop. Over 165,000 vacancies for “care worker” and “senior care worker” visas have hit the sector over the past year.

The choice is this – on immigration, a pledge to keep our promise to the electorate and restore democratic, cultural and economic security,” Ms Cates warned.

They have the option, “or take to the streets, lose in the upcoming election and resign yourself to a low-growth, low-wage, labor-intensive service economy.”

But No 10 rejected the new Conservatives’ claims, with a spokesman for the Prime Minister saying the government was “striking the right balance” on immigration.
The spokeswoman also said layoffs were “not being considered” in the shortfall, citing “significant demand in the care sector for staff”.

Mr Sunak, the prime minister’s official spokesman, was disappointed not to have Mr Anderson’s support for a crackdown, however.
declined to say – but the spokesman admitted there were “different views on each side” of the debate.
Moderate Tory MPs loyal to Mr Sunak, a new crackdown, took a hardline stance on right-wing policy shocks and raising expectations among red-wall voters.

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