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Congress resolves internal tussle to form leadership in Karnataka after election victory.Siddaramaiah to be next Karnataka CM

In a significant development following the Congress party’s resounding victory in the recent elections, Siddaramaiah has been named the next Chief Minister of Karnataka, with DK Shivakumar appointed as his deputy. The much-anticipated decision was announced by Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala, bringing an end to five days of suspense and internal wrangling within the party.

The resolution of this leadership deadlock came after a series of discussions and interventions by senior party members, including former Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Sources close to DK Shivakumar revealed that he graciously accepted the position of Deputy Chief Minister, making a sacrifice in the interest of the party. While this decision has been welcomed by many, including party members, Siddaramaiah’s appointment as Chief Minister has stirred mixed reactions within the Congress.

Expressing their disappointment, DK Suresh, Congress MP and Shivakumar’s brother, disclosed to NDTV that they were not satisfied with the outcome. “My brother aspired to become Chief Minister, and we are not happy with this decision,” he stated, reflecting their initial discontent.

Prior to the final announcement, Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar had a crucial meeting with Congress general secretary KC Venugopal, marking their first interaction since the race for the top post commenced. Following this, the two leaders proceeded to meet Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge to discuss the latest developments.

Earlier discussions between Kharge, Rahul Gandhi, and Shivakumar in Delhi had resulted in two proposed options for Shivakumar, both of which were declined by him. The first option entailed appointing Shivakumar as the sole Deputy Chief Minister while retaining his role as the head of the state party unit. Additionally, he would have been offered the opportunity to select six ministries of his choice. The second option involved power-sharing between Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar, with Siddaramaiah assuming the Chief Minister position for two years, followed by Shivakumar for three years. However, both leaders expressed their reluctance to accept the latter option.

The rotational Chief Ministership remains undecided at this point, with future power-sharing arrangements dependent on the Congress party’s performance in the upcoming general election in Karnataka next year.

The significance of this decision extends beyond party dynamics as the Congress aims to consolidate its position for the upcoming general election. Shivakumar carries influence among the politically pivotal Vokkaligas, while Siddaramaiah enjoys the support of the AHINDA platform, a coalition of minorities, Other Backward Classes, and Dalits that traditionally supports the Congress.

Notably, Shivakumar has firmly dismissed any notion of rebellion, asserting his commitment to the party’s interests. “If the party wishes, they can entrust me with responsibility… Our unity is paramount. I have no intention of causing divisions. Whether people like me or not, I am a responsible individual. I will not betray anyone, nor will I resort to blackmail,” he affirmed.

In conclusion, the Congress party has successfully resolved the leadership deadlock in Karnataka, with Siddaramaiah set to assume the role of Chief Minister and DK Shivakumar appointed as his deputy. This decision marks a crucial step towards consolidating the party’s strength in the state as they prepare for the forthcoming general election.

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