DRDO scientist arrested by Maharastra ATS ,spying Pakistan intelligence

The Maharashtra ATS ; Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has detained a prominent scientist working for the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in a startling event for allegedly sharing sensitive information with a Pakistani spy. The accused, 60-year-old Pradeep Kurulkar, was a Director at the Pune-based Research & production Establishment (Engineers) and worked on a number of significant projects, including the production of missiles.

An agent of a Pakistani intelligence operative has claimed that Kurulkar was the victim of a “honeytrap” that was set up by utilising social media images of women to entice him. In accordance with allegations, Kurulkar communicated with the Pakistani spy using WhatsApp and video conversations and supplied private information that might be dangerous for national security.

After the DRDO complained about Kurulkar, the ATS launched an investigation, which resulted in his arrest on Wednesday. Kurulkar, who was set to retire in November, was referred to as a “outstanding scientist” on the DRDO website.

Under the pertinent provisions of the Official Secrets Act, a case has been brought against Kurulkar, and further investigation is proceeding. The incident highlights the dangers of honeytraps and the need for caution while engaging with unknown persons on social media platforms.

This incident should serve as a reminder of the value of protecting classified information and the requirement for stringent controls to stop similar occurrences in the future. The detention of Kurulkar is an important step in securing the safety of the country and its people.

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