Coromandel Express Derailed

In a devastating train accident Coromandel Express Derailed near Bahanaga Bazar station in Baleshwar, three consecutive trains, including the Shalimar-Howrah Coromandal Express, were derailed. This horrifying incident, which resulted in numerous casualties, occurred when the Coromandal Express collided head-on with a freight train.

The impact was so severe that the engine of the Coromandal Express went over the goods train. Eyewitnesses and passengers describe a scene of chaos and destruction, with overturned compartments and scattered bodies. As rescue efforts are underway, authorities are launching an inquiry to determine the cause of this tragic incident.

A major train accident has shaken the railway community as the Shalimar-Howrah Coromandal Express, along with two other trains, derailed near Bahanaga Bazar station in Baleshwar. The collision occurred when the Coromandal Express, en route from Shalimar to Chennai, collided head-on with a freight train, causing a catastrophic impact. Eyewitnesses and survivors describe the horrifying aftermath, where overturned compartments and scattered bodies painted a grim picture of the tragedy.

The collision was of such magnitude that the engine of the Coromandal Express went over the goods train, leading to the derailment of approximately 15 compartments. The freight train, as well as the Howrah-Bengaluru Yesvantpur Express train passing on the adjacent line, were also affected, with five compartments of the freight train derailing. This series of accidents has claimed the lives of hundreds of people, according to initial reports.

Passengers and witnesses have recounted the chaos and devastation that unfolded following the collision. The overturned compartments resembled upturned boxes, and cries of pain and desperation echoed through the darkness. Bloodstains and dismembered body parts served as a haunting reminder of the scale of the tragedy. Many fear that the death toll will rise significantly, given the severity of the accident.

The cause of this horrific accident remains under investigation. Authorities are exploring possibilities such as signaling problems or negligence as potential factors leading to the collision of the two trains.

However, the immediate focus lies on rescuing survivors who are trapped amidst the wreckage. The rescue operation has faced challenges due to the lack of sufficient lighting, hindering the efforts of local and rescue teams. Despite these difficulties, rescue workers have been able to extract passengers and transport them to nearby hospitals.

The Shalimar-Howrah Coromandal Express, an important rail link between Kolkata and Chennai, carried numerous residents of the state, adding to the gravity of the situation. Concerns for the safety of those onboard continue to grow as authorities work tirelessly to ensure the rescue and well-being of survivors.

As the investigation progresses, the railway community and the public at large mourn the loss of lives and express their condolences to the families affected by this tragic accident. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining the highest standards of safety and vigilance within the railway system.

The collision between the Coromandal Express and a freight train near Bahanaga Bazar station in Baleshwar has resulted in a catastrophic train accident, with multiple casualties reported.

Eyewitnesses describe a scene of devastation, with overturned compartments and scattered bodies. As rescue efforts continue and an investigation is launched, the focus remains on rescuing survivors and determining the cause of this tragic incident. The railway community and the public stand united in grief and solidarity with the affected families during this difficult time.

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