Inter Kashi collaboration with Atletico Madrid

In an exciting development for Indian football, Atletico Madrid, the renowned Spanish club, has made a comeback by partnering with the RDB Group of Kolkata to establish Inter Kashi, Varanasi’s first football club.

With the aim of creating a national-level club in Uttar Pradesh, this collaboration brings together the experience and expertise of Atletico Madrid’s 120-year history and the support of the RDB Group.

Additionally, Inter Kashi has secured the services of Gerard Pique, the Spanish World Cup-winning defender and FC Andorra leader, further adding to the team’s potential. The newly formed club has already applied for entry into the I-League

  1. Atletico Madrid and RDB Group join forces:
    Atletico Madrid and the RDB Group of Kolkata have come together to establish Inter Kashi, marking Atletico Madrid’s return to Indian football. This collaboration aims to build Uttar Pradesh’s first national-level football club and benefit from Atletico Madrid’s rich history and experience.
  2. Focus on youth development and infrastructure:

While prioritizing the club’s technical and football-related matters, Atletico Madrid is also committed to developing infrastructure and creating an academy to nurture young talents in India.

The upcoming Atletico de India academy, scheduled to open in the near future, intends to drive long-term, impactful change in Indian football by producing talented footballers capable of representing the nation regularly.

  1. Gerard Pique’s involvement:

Gerard Pique, a prominent figure in Spanish football and a key player for FC Andorra, has joined Inter Kashi. A lot of experience under skilled leadership, Pike’s presence will make the team stronger, increasing their chances of success.

  1. Carlos Santamarina appointed as head coach:
    Carlos Santamarina, the former Spanish coach of Jamshedpur FC, has been appointed as the head coach of Inter Kashi. With his expertise and tactical acumen, Santamarina is expected to shape the team and guide them towards achieving their goals.
  2. Inter Kashi’s aspirations in the I-League:
    Inter Kashi aims to participate in the prestigious I-League, India’s premier football competition. The Football Federation of India had previously announced the addition of a 12th team through corporate entry, providing an opportunity for Inter Kashi to fulfill their dreams of playing at the national level.

The collaboration between Atletico Madrid and the RDB Group to establish Inter Kashi signifies a significant development in Indian football.

With the illustrious history of Atletico Madrid, the backing of the RDB Group, the inclusion of Gerard Pique and the appointment of head coach Carlos Santamarina, the Inter Kashi team is expected to make a significant contribution to Indian football.

Their mission in the I-League, Inter Kashi aims to contribute to the growth and success of Indian football in the long term by building a strong youth development system.

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