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  • A) Rich Media Ads (Homepage) Innovations * INR 250000 Daily
  • Standard Banner Ads
  • INR 150
  • CPM
  1. In Banner Video (R side)
  2. INR 200
  3. CPM
  • Pre Roll Video Ads (Live TV)
  • INR 300
  • CPM
  • Section SponsorShip
  • INR 250000
  • Daily
  • Widget SponsorShip (Live Scores, Weather, Stock Market)
  • INR 250000
  • Daily .
  • Special Days to be excluded
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Rates are subject to revisions regularly basis changes in inventory

ADS Products

We provide High Impact digital advertising Ad Formats that boost user engagement, are simple to use, have a wider audience, and generate more money from advertising.

With our cutting-edge ad targeting and marketing strategies,

we assist you in better monetising. We assist you in connecting with the right audience, hence boosting traffic.
Page Peel
Typical Banner Ads
Standard Requirements:
On various internet pages, the typical banner is displayed as seen in the image up top.
Ad Size: 728 x 90
Type: Flash and banner (.swf )
Max 2MB file size
On the right side of the website page is where you may see the In Banner Video.
Standard Requirements:
Ad Size: 300 x 250

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